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EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gates are now the safest safety gates on the market. Their innovative Slam-Proof® technology closes each gate in a quiet, controlled manner. Plus, they have been tested to the OSHA, ANSI and Canadian COHS standards and exceed the loading requirement by two times. EdgeHalt Safety Gates are also extremely reliable, featuring updated springs that have been tested to more than 1 million cycles and are guaranteed for the life of the gate.

The unique design of EdgeHalt Ladder Safety Gates also features a wide range of adjustability – so much so that there are now just four gates covering a range from 15” to 50” with an adjustability of up to 10” per gate. This simplifies installation and the unique design allows for a compact shipping box, reducing shipping costs by an average of $8-$18+ per gate.

EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gates provide top- and mid-rail protection, minimizing the chances of a fall from elevated platforms, mezzanines or ladderways. They are built to help ensure that your employees go home safe and sound each night after their work is done.

These gates are available in three finishes: Powder Coat Yellow (PCY), Hot-Dipped Galvanized (GAL) and 304 Stainless Steel Seal Welded (304SW).

An optional Lock-Out Kit is the perfect accessory for the EdgeHalt Ladder Safety Gate. It allows for additional security to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, elevated platforms, or mezzanines by locking the gate so that no one can pass through.