Encoder-Flex 1024 Rotary Shaft Encoder & Gate Position Monitor

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The Encoder-Flex 1024 is a rotary shaft encoder that monitors slide gate position, shaft position, or shaft speed. Examples include position of rack and pinion gates, valves, distributors, and shaft speed on rotating shafts such as slow moving conveyors, mixers, and dryers.

The Encoder-Flex 1024 uses innovative technology to monitor gate position or shaft speed. The resolution is programmable from 1-1024 pulses per revolution and it consists of 4-20 mA output as well as quadrature pulsed output for directional speed, and a Modbus RTU communications for advanced configuration and diagnostics.

There are two status LEDs for easy identification of operational mode and target detection. The unit is quickly calibrated with the touch of a magnet for shaft speed, angular shaft position, or gate position. The sealed body is constructed from stainless steel

• Monitors shaft speed, angle, or position
• Outputs: 4-20 mA, Quadrature Pulse (Speed/Relative Rotation), and RS485
Modbus RTU
• Programmable resolution from 1 to 1024 Pulses per Revolution
• Compatible with gates with up to 500,000 rotations between closed and open
• Connects directly to control systems (PLC, SCADA, Watchdog, IE-Node, etc)
• Memorizes shaft position in the case of a power loss
• Simple magnetic calibration
• Comprehensive software for access to advanced programming and visualization
• Sealed stainless steel enclosure
• LED Status Indicators
• CSA Class II Div 1 Approval Pending (USA & Canada)