GRIPWELL Belt Splices

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The Gripwell light duty aluminum fastener secures belting on bucket elevators.  The two ends of the belt are gripped between extruded serrated plates, clamped together by zinc plated high tensile bolts, safely secured by plated self locking nuts to give a strong reliable and rustproof fastener.

The Gripwell forms a butt joint, the belt runs smoothly over the pulley with minimum stress to the joint and no relative movement can take place between the two belt ends, as is the case when an overlapping joint passes over the pulleys.

For belts up to 250 PIW and up to 3/8” (10 mm) thick
• Vise grip between serrated jaws
• Secured by high tensile bolts & self locking nuts
• Radius rounded edges to reduce joint wear
• Available in a range of standard lengths from 4 to 12 inches
• Multiple fasteners of equal length can be used for longer jointS

- Do not use on manlifts
- Never re-use hardware: always use new bolts and nuts