Proxswitch 2-Wire P300 Kit

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the P300 Proxswitch is an 30 mm inductive proximity sensor designed to detect shaft speed, shaft position, gate position, or object presence.

The P300 Proxswitch is a limit switch style proximity sensor, which works on the damped oscillator principle. No contact is made between the sensor and the object being monitored.  The P300 will detect a ferrous object at a maximum distance of 11/32” (9 mm).

Two different sensor outputs are available. One with a normally closed output, and the other with a normally open output.  Both units are fully encapsulated, have 6 foot cable leads and include LED’s to indicate target detection.

Proxswitch 2-Wire P300 Kit
1 x P3002V10C  P300 Proxswitch (Normally Open Output - 2 Wire)
1 x WG1-4B-4  Whirligig® Shaft Sensor Mount
1 x MAG2000  Mag-Con™ Magnetic Connector for Whirligig
1 x A34NPT  3/4" NPT Conduit Adapter